How to participate

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Every partner has its own participative process and activities and open calls will happen consecutively from 2017 till 2020 in the following cities: Aix-en-provence, Brussels, Valletta, Rotterdam, Santa Maria da Feira, Krakow & Vienna.

If you are interested in giving voice to your emotions and your associations related to themes such as love, loss and mourning, contact us at, we will put you in contact with organizations and associations involved. If activities are not happening immediately, you can start by recalling your own experiences of longing, parting, and yearning.

You can also follow the social media of the partner involved of your interest, in order to stay informed.

How can you participate? :

· By writting texts or music for the open-air element of our music theatre project.

· Bringing animals, mythical beings, or gods to life by making masks and puppets.

· Creating shadow theatre and live video with stencils, graffiti, comic strips, photographs, videos, etc.

· Joining in the singing or play an instrument.

· Blogging, filming, taking photographs, documenting, sharing.

You choose what you would like to do!


Longing is not only the predominant emotion in the hearts of the parted lovers Layla and Majnun; it is also the inner force that drives Orpheus to go down into the underworld, the kingdom of the dead, to recover his Eurydice. Majnun’s old father longs to see his lost son again and, in the two stories, animals long for the tranquil beauty of the music of the singers and poets Majnun and Orpheus.

Longing is something everyone experiences every day: when we think of love or a lost love, of times past or a better future, of returning home or finding a better place to live. We long for a peaceful community and a meaningful life – and we express those longings in music, words, and a wide variety of other artistic forms.

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