To Speak of You and Me

Raconteur Kostas Papamatthaiakis worked with the residents of the Fleur de Lys & Swatar Day Centre to produce a short film accompanied by a poem in the themes of Love, Loss and Longing.

Check it out!


This is how I speak of you and me

Because I love you an din love I know

to enter like a Full Moon

From elsewhere, for your small foot in the vast sheets

To pluck jasmine petals

and I have the power

as you are asleep, to blow to take you

through glimmering passages

and hidden archways of the sea

Hypnotized trees with spiders that shine silver

Fate will turn elsewhere the engravings

Of the palm, like a key owner

One moment Time will give its assent

How else, since people love each other

The sky will portray our entrails

And innocence will hit the world

With the poignancy of black death

I will mourn forever, can you hear me? For you,

All alone in Paradise.