Students come together to explore O&M

We students of St. Augustine and St. Joseph have come together to explore the tales of Ofreo and Majnun. Our raconteur Yvette Grech Buhagiar has taken us through an interesting journey of exploration. This project has brought us together for the first time. Our workshops have given us the opportunity to address the issues of love, loss and longing via physical theatre and Commedia Dell’Arte. Our stimulus (the tales of Orfeo and Majnun)  directed us immediately to forming tableaus  that express the themes of love, loss and longing. These tableaus spoke of the issue that we teenagers normally experience…the longing to belong, longing to be part of a group, longing to be with someone we love. Longing to be part of the society at large. Just like Majnun who longed to be part of Layla’s family and her tribe, we teenagers long to be part of today’s generation. And when we think that we have the key, something goes wrong and we run up against a closed door. Just like Orfeo who longed to be with Eurydice. And when he finally got to her, rushed and lost her again. We teenagers are full of life, full of passion and sometimes rush too. And ironically life itself turns us down and we end up alone, longing once again to be loved by someone outside our family.

These students will be performing at Triton Square in Sfilata fil-Kapitali on October 27th in Valletta at 4.50pm. Don't miss it!