Orfeo & Majnun press conference in Brussels!


Nous étions très nombreux lors de la conférence de presse d'Orfeo & Majnun à Bruxelles!

We waren talrijk aanwezig tijdens de persconferentie van Orfeo & Majnun in Brussel! 

Orfeo & Majnun press conference took place at the Grand Foyer of the Théâtre de la Monnaie. Moneim Adwan has let us hear a bit of the musical atmosphere that will be listen on the day of the world premiere of the musical theater Orfeo & Majnun. Towards the end, we could appreciate the puppets designed by Roger Titley and just built by the team of "trainers" in Brussels. These animals will be part of the Love Journey, loss and longing on June 30th around the Place de la Monnaie. We were also pleased to see the coordinators of the groups, cultural centers and associations involved in this project, as well as our artists and storytellers andas representatives of the various communities of Brussels.
It was also very important to see the partners from Rotterdam and Aix en Provence here and being able to exchange, even if it was for a little while , of the common challenges we face with this project.  As for the other partners, we will see you soon for the first course in Arles on April 8th!


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