One week to go!


Next Satuday: Orfeo & Majnun in Rotterdam

The city festival in Rotterdam 2019!

Saturday, May 18 | 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Surroundings of Stationsplein, Kruisplein, Schouwburgplein | Free admission

Bollywood dance, Flamenco, Turkish folk dance, Chinese acrobatics, spoken word, Arabic poetry, modern dance, hip hop, beatboxing and of course ... opera! This and more will all come to you during Orfeo & Majnun: the city festival programmed and produced by Operadagen Rotterdam. An ode to the love for and by city dwellers!

On Saturday, May 18, hundreds of people from Rotterdam bring their story about love, loss and desire to life in the heart of Rotterdam. Two ancient love stories, the Greek tragedy about the lovers Orpheus and Eurydice and the Arabic love story of Layla and Majnun, form the basis for a festive music theater route along ten different locations on and around Stationsplein, Kruisplein and Schouwburgplein.

Plan your own route and be surprised, seduced and told about love between 14.00 and 18.00! You can also participate: Join the workshops on Schouwburgplein, make your own animal and sing along during the grand finale on Schouwburgplein (5.30 - 6 p.m.).

All performances continuous and free to visit. On the route you will come across various storytellers and spoken word artists. They take you along rhythmically, rhyming and freestyling along all locations.

Collect a stamp on all locations on the flyers / stamp cards that will be handed out on site on Saturday. Hand in your full stamp card after the event (from 5.30 pm) at the Doelen Studio and receive a nice present! (Note: limited availability). Here you can also taste a glass of real Cape Nelis from the Cape Brewers.

A. Stationsplein - celebrate love!
Bollywood dancers and Turkish folk dancers provide colorful scenes on Stationsplein! Here love is celebrated with a festive scene, inspired by the wedding of Orpheus and Eurydice. Word artist Patrick “Petje” Ribeiro and opera singer Isabelle Osenau take you on a journey full of romance!
With: Desi Steps and Kleurrijke dans

B. Kruisplein - parade full of passion!
Celebrate with brass bands and admire the Chinese dragon dance. Modern dancers, decked out like animals, provide an exotic experience of love and passion.
With: Shinji Entertainment, Jungle Boogie - Connecting Culture Foundation, SKVR Brass Band School and Spoken Word by Barguijs.

C. Bouwcentrum / Greenchoice - love and lost love
In the Bouwcentrum, a hidden gem from the reconstruction, located behind the Kruisplein you see the special show "Opg grown up in Rotterdam" about a grandfather, a grandson and the city of Rotterdam. On the square in front, the JaJa Opera singers take you from hope to despair. The young opera singers sing full of passion I Lombardi by Guiseppe Verdi.
With: Platform Wederopbouw Rotterdam, Stichting Aan den Slag! and Ja-JaOpera

D. Restaurant Ayla - a safe home base
Settle down at Restaurant Ayla on the Kruiskade and enjoy a cup of Arabic coffee with cardamom spices to the many wonderful stories of new Rotterdammers from Syria, with live music and theater.
With singing, poetry, music, rap. Nieuw Thuis Rotterdam  - Donnie Duval

E. Space 101 - taste the nostalgia
Fenmei takes you back in time. She tells the story about her grandmother, where she grew up in China, while folding dumplings. Exactly as her grandmother used to make them ... Taste the nostalgia at Diergaardesingel 101.
With: Fenmei and word artist L-Deep, Space101 - Studio Zi

F. Parking Kruisplein - descent to the underworld
Descend to -2 for the famous scene in which Orpheus wants to retrieve his lost love Eurydice from the underworld and not have to worry about it. Discover the underworld with enchanting Chinese harp (Guzheng), modern dance, an opera singer, soundscapes and beatboxers.
With: Word artist Mariana Hirschfeld, opera singer Hidde Stobbe, Chinese harpist Marleen, Krump dancer Virgil Zaalman, beatboxers Alex and Timmeh and SKVR Contemporary dance

G. Codarts - young talent shows up
Levi van Dalen (trumpet), Mart van der Stelt (guitar) and Amélie Groenhuijzen (vocals) present a self-made performance on the theme of love in the small room of the Codarts building on the Kruisplein.
With: young talent from the havo / vwo voor Muziek and Dans (HMD), Codarts Rotterdam

H. De Doelen / De Doelen Studio - lots of passion and humor!
Temperament and a lot of humor in the Doelen and the adjacent Doelen Studio. In the foyer of the Doelen, sensual flamenco, cheerful tango and modern dance alternate. 26 dancers from Dance for Health portray the theme of loss in a "pas de deux". In the Doelen Studio, owners sing their loyal four-legged friends at full speed during the dog karaoke of Dogparade 010.
With: Dogparade 010, Celebrity hostess Marja van Katendrecht, opera singer Elina Chara

I. Schouwburgplein - beating heart of love!
Take a seat on the Schouwburgplein and immerse yourself in love with varied performances of Rotterdam's talent all afternoon!
With: Rapper Ronin, beatboxer Dimitri, opera singer Maris Pajuste, pop choirs and Syrian poets. Hosted by: Tomas de Paauw (Spraakuhloos)

Animal workshops Schouwburgplein
Both Orpheus and Majnun have a magical bond with animals; people and animals come from far and wide to their enchanting music and beautiful singing. You see these (white) animals everywhere on the music theater route. Want to walk too? Come to the animal workshops on the Schouwburgplein from 1 pm, make your own creation and connect on the spot.

J. Theater Rotterdam, Schouwburg - Love parodies and…. Feet off the floor!
Experience Orpheus in his Rotterdam! A ten-minute parody of the classic story in the foyer of the Schouwburg, staged by a bunch of retired pensioners. Then there is live music from Transkoor 010 together with Café Fatal Danssalon and Theaterwerkplaats Ouwe Rotten. Feet off the floor!
With: Word artist Princess Azula, opera singer Wies de Greef, choir Transkoor 010 and ZangExpress, Oudfit - Open Studio Islemunda and Rotterdams Wijktheater, Theater workshop Ouwe Rotten and Café Fatal Danssalon

on Schouwburgplein .. Sing along!
All artists and performers gather at Schouwburgplein at 5.30 pm and sing a large group of children in four parts in four parts, the classical piece L’Orfeovan Monteverdi and the Rotterdam city song: This is the city. Connect and participate in the grande finale under the guidance of ZangExpress!