Malta meets Bollywood

During the upcoming Community Project ‘Orfeo & Majnun’, Madhavi and her group will present a beautiful Bollywood dance, telling about love and longing, which will leave you with unforgettable impressions.

You may wish to know, what Bollywood Dance is. Bollywood Dance is the dance performed in Bollywood movies which are produced in India by the world’s largest film industry and are now also a familiar sight also on Western TV and Cinema screens.

Bollywood Dance is an exciting blend of all Indian dance styles; classical Indian dance, Indian folk dance and more current popular moves.

In this dance presentation Madhavi and her group will enchant you with a timeless love story! A young woman dances for her beloved and tells him that she dreamt of him and that she danced like a peacock in his garden. She expresses her longing: “Please take my hand and take me to a world of love!”

Enjoy the fabulous energy of this breath-taking stage presentation, the vibrant music, the powerful rhythms, colourful costumes, ornamental hand gestures and expressions, which will take you to a world of absolute delight!

Bollywood Dance is sheer joy to watch! It is dancing for everyone, from all age groups and all walks of life. The international appeal of BOLLYWOOD DANCE has taken the world by storm and brought it into the global spotlight.

Madhavi now brings Bollywood Dance to Malta. As a famous classical Indian dancer, she has performed around the globe and has brought her passion for Bollywood Dance, her exceptional choreographies and her fabulous stage presence to many audiences and participants.

Experience the pure magic of Madhavi’s Bollywood Dance during the unique ‘Orfeo & Majnun’ Project in Valletta 2018. Follow her on Facebook:


Images by Nina Adams